Today make a website is so easy but maintain the website is so difficult because it takes proper time. So we have an alternative way which is making money with google adsense without a website.
There are many ways to make money with google adsense without having a website, but here we learn a few ways which are given below:
1. Making money on Revenue sharing sites
2. Making money with google adsense by Youtube.
First, we explain what is revenue sharing sites and how we make money with revenue sharing sites.

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What is Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue sharing sites are a website which allows everyone to publish their any type of content on their sites and they put google adsense on those articles when advertisements get clicks or impression you will get some percentage of this earning.

How To Make Money On Revenue Sharing Site With Google Adsense:
It is so simple and easy way to make money on revenue sharing site with google adsense. Simply go to revenue sharing sites and publish your article/content their they put advertisements on Google Adsense on your articles, and you get paid by every click and impression on those advertisements.
Now I present some better and best revenue sharing site where you can publish your articles and make money with google adsense without a website.

Revenue Sharing Site:
1. Hubpages
3. SheToldMe
4. Squidoo
6. BlackHatWorld
7. Digital Point Forum
8. InfoBarrel
9. Flixya
11. ArticleMuse

All these sites are the best revenue sharing sites where you can publish your articles and make money with google adsense without a website which is owned by you.
Hubpages is a free sign up a site which allows you to write and publish your article here and put google adsense advertisements then get paid for click and impression of the advertisements.
this site also a free registration site which works like HubPages and allows users to make money here by publishing an article and putting advertisements here.
Shetoldme is a revenue sharing site which allows sharing profit which is earned by google adsense and publishing articles on this website by you.
Squidoo :
The Squidoo is also operating like the above site, and their registration is free.

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It is a great website which gives you an opportunity to make money by sharing and publishing your content here it so easy and without any investment.
A great IM forum which allows making money with google adsense without a website.
Digital point Forum site:
This website is different from other revenue sharing websites it presents advertisements when a user browsing on the internet and Google pays every click and impression on these advertisements.
Info Barrel:
Info Barrel is the biggest revenue sharing website with more than 95000 registered individuals. This website is mostly liked by publishers and writers all over the world.
The Flixya is also revenue sharing the website with free registration it is entirely different by other websites where you can share your youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and by many other networks and earn money by putting google advertisements here. You can also earn here by per-click and per-impression on that advertisements. It is so easy and simple method to earn money from this revenue sharing website.
The is a social network which is listed as a social bookmarking website and now work in IM or revenue sharing site, and it is also an excellent platform for earning and make money with google adsense without a website.
It is also a Revenue sharing website which also you to earn and make money with google adsense. But basically, Articlemuse is a database or news directory website.
Making Money With Google Adsense by Youtube :
If you don’t have any website and you want to make money with google adsense without a website, then you can make money in an alternative way. The alternative way to make money with Google Adsense without having a website is via youtube it is possible.

You simply go to which is a Google product and here you create a youtube channel and then your duty is to upload videos on your channel and then monetize your channel and put google advertisements on your videos by per-click and per-impression on these advertisements you can make much more money with google adsense and without a website.
I hope all of you now able to make money with google adsense without a website for more helpful articles about online earning or internet earning, please check best ideas to make money website.


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