The Directorate of Research was founded in  2003  The Directorate of Research conducts the following activities:

1. M.Phil, Ph.D combined Entrance Test – (MPCET)

2. Ph.D Coursework

3. Registration and Award of Ph.D. Degree.

The Directorate of Research offers the Degree of Doctorate in the Faculties of Arts in the subjects of Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu and Philosophy; Social Science in the Subjects of Economics, Geography, History, Public Administration,  Political Science and Sociology; Science in the Subjects of Botany, Biotecnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environment Science, Geology, Mathematics, Microbiology,  Physics,  Zoology; Commerce, Education, Law.

Since its inception, the Directorate of Research has offered 709 Ph.D Degrees till 10.12.2015

The Directorate of Research is being monitored by the Director Research. At present the office staff of the Directorate of Research includes the following.

1. Director Research

2. Assistant Registrar (Research)

3. UDC

Besides, the MPCET and the Ph.D coursework Committee does the task of holding the Entrance Test and organing the Ph.D. Coursework. In the award of Ph.D Degree, the Directorate of Research follows the process as laid down in Research Ordinance 124.

Ph.D./M.Phil. Rules and Regulations

For objection regarding degree of Ph.D. from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016 - Download

Allotment of M.Phil. Seats-2017(MPCET-2016) - Download

Ph. D. Scholars List - Download

Research Fees- Download

Ordinance 124- Download

Form for Recognition as Research Supervisor (Ph.D.)- Download

Ph.D. Registration form- Download

MPhil Rules - Download

PhD Rules - Download

MPCET 2018

Result PhD Coursework Examination 2016 - Download

Information Required from Research Supervisors regarding MPCET-2018 - Download


Ph.D. / M.Phil Course work

Ph.D. Course work-2018 program - Download

Ph.D. Course Work-2018 exam form - Download

Instructions for Ph.D. Course Work Exam-2018 - Download

Regarding Ph. D. Course Work - 2016 IIIrd Paper - Download

Ph.D. Coursework of MPCET-2016 is starting from 16-Aug-2017 - Download

Ph.D. Coursework-2016 Result - Download

RESULT MPCET 2016 - Download

Admission Cards Ph.D. Course Work Exam-2015 - Download

List of Eligible candidates for Ph.D. Coursework 2015- Download

Instructions and examination form of Ph.D. coursework examination 2015-Download

For kind attention of the Research Officers, Ph.D. Coursework 2015- Download

Registration Form for Ph.D. Coursework- Download

PhD Course Work Syllabi- Download

Course Work Sample Papers- Download

Registration Form- Download

Botany Course Work- Download

Chemistry Course Work- Download

Commerce Course Work- Download

Economics Course Work- Download

Education- Download

English Course Work- Download

Environmental Science Course Work- Download

Geology Course Work- Download

Hindi Course Work- Download

History Course Work- Download

Low Course Work- Download

Microbiology Course Work- Download

Physics Course Work- Download

Political Science Course Work- Download

Public Administration Course Work- Download

Urdu Course Work- Download

Zoology Course Work- Download


Orders and Notifications

Research Supervisor Form and Undertaking - Download

Invitation for 3rd Convocation on 4-sep-2017 - Download

Joining Report - Download

Relieving Certificate - Download

Attendance Certificate - Download

Notice Regarding Ph.D Degrees From 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015-1- Download

List of Ph.D Student for convocation III- Download

Concent Form for Ph.D. Supervisors 2016- Download

Reminder to Supervisor- Download

The Faculty and subject wise distribution of the Ph.D Degrees offered
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Arts English 28
2 Arts Hindi 54
3 Arts Sanskrit 27
4 Arts Philosophy 8
5 Arts Rajasthani 2
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Commerce Commerce 76
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Education Education 76
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Law Law 61
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Management Management 35
S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Science Biochemistry 1
2 Science Biotechnology 8
3 Science Botany 57
4 Science Chemistry 30
5 Science Computer Science 1
6 Science Geology 16
7 Science Home Science 3
8 Science Mathematics 24
9 Science Microbiology 6
10 Science Physics 10
11 Science Zoology 53


S.No. Faculty Subject No. of Ph.Ds Awarded
1 Social Science Economic 12
2 Social Science Geography 47
3 Social Science History 23
4 Social Science Political Science 26
5 Social Science Public Administration 17
6 Social Science Sociology 9
List of Approved Supervisors

List of Approved Supervisors - Download

Contact Us

Prof. Rajaram Choyal
Director Research
Research Section, Administrative Block
Maharaja Ganga Singh University
Jaisalmer Road, Bikaner – 334004
Rajasthan (India)

Fax: 0151-2212042
E-mail: [email protected]


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